About Me

My name is Josh and my Xbox gamertag is ECSpartan (hence the title of the blog). I'm in college and I love video games. My favorite game series is, of course, Halo. I've been playing it since 2001 and I've always loved it. I like other games too, like the Zombies on Call of Duty of Assassin's Creed, so I'm not solely a Halo player. I may be biased to a point, but I'll try to overlook that.

Anyways, I, like any other human, have opinions and I would love to share these opinions with the public in order to get feedback. I'm tired of posting my thoughts to game forums and discussion boards and have either 1) nobody respond or 2) a flood of morons trying to prove me wrong by "trolling" me. So instead, I've decided to make a blog and review games.

Like I said, I'd love feedback from my audience, so please read my posts and reply to me at ecsgamereview@gmail.com. Thanks for reading, and please remember: Keep your friends close, keep your enemies in your crosshairs.

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